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Leo Beuerman is an inspirational story about a man who refused to succumb to self-pity and instead became a symbol for overcoming adversity.

Leo was 36 inches tall, deaf and unable to walk. When he was born, the doctors had little hope that he would survive. If it hadn’t been for his loving mother, he would not have.

Despite his physical limitations, Leo led a fuller life than most. He wanted to see the world around him, so he made himself a crude red wooden cart to help him move around. He wanted to be independent, so he began selling pens, pencils, and other items in downtown Lawrence, Kansas.

Today, the Watkins Community Museum of History has Leo’s artifacts in storage, including his red cart.

The film Leo Beuerman, a Legacy, includes the original film as well as additional footage, including interviews and a reading from Leo’s autobiography.

This movie will inspire you to realize that, no matter how bad things get, determination can get you through anything.

As Leo wrote in his autobiography, “I think everybody is lonesome and feels sorry for themselves at times, but I never did believe in being a quitter. If one thinks it all over and sees a way through, let nothing stop you until you get what you set out for.”