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Leo Beuerman was a little over 3 feet in height. From a young age, he couldn’t walk. He was essentially deaf for most of his life. Yet he didn’t let his disabilities keep him from being an entrepreneur and inventor. He used to drive his modified tractor from the family home in Lakeview, Kansas to Lawrence, Kansas to sell small items on the streets of Lawrence. He was mugged twice, and had accidents with a car and a train. Yet he never let life’s misfortunes keep him down. In 1969, a film about his life was nominated for the Academy Award in the Best Documentary Short category. The Leo Beuerman story has been told many times by many people – in movies, newspaper articles, at non-profits, and in colleges. But strangely enough, none of those versions of Leo’s story have ever included input from the people that knew Leo the best – his family. This book will remedy that situation. It is a view of Leo that most people have never seen before. It is a view of Leo from his family.